Worm Gear Driven Manual Rotary Stages - 10,20,30000 Series

The 10000/20000/30000-series of of crossed roller bearing guided worm-driven manual rotary stages offer 360 degrees of continuous positioning with a vernier readable to 6 arc minutes. Suitable for payloads of up to 200 lbs...
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The 10000- and 20000-series offer low profile rotary positioning while the 30000-series offers high payload capacity and a large footprint. Each of the series offers 360 degree continuous motion with a vernier readable to 6 arc minutes. Payload capacities on these rotary positioners range from 50 to 200 lbs.

Parker rotary stages are designed to produce precision rotary motion. The basic components in these stages are a base, precision bearing, drive mechanism and top (load platform). The base of all the units house the bearing and drive mechanism and is designed to be mounted to a stationary surface. The precision bearings provide low friction contact between the base and top while providing great geometric performance. The drive mechanism used is a worm gear and the table top provides a mounting surface for mounting payloads. The precision worm gear drive mechanism consists of a worm wheel (gear) and worm drive. Controlled rotation of the worm drive shaft creates precise angular rotation of the worm wheel and table top. The worm gear and shaft are matched sets and are preloaded to remove backlash. This type of drive provides high resolution (180:1) and continuous angular positioning over a full 360° range.


產品類型 Rotary Stage
系列 10,20,30000 Series
軸數 1
軸承類型 Cross Roller
裝配選擇 English | Metric
行程距離(deg) 360°
寬度(英寸) 4.75 ... 12
寬度(毫米) 120.7 ... 304.8
有效載荷(磅) 25 ... 200
有效載荷(公斤) 11.3 ... 90
傳動機構 0.12 arc-min vernier | 6 arc-min vernier | No Readout
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